Wednesday, 3 February 2016

just the power to charm

Today I spent the morning in uni, then walked down to Graves' Gallery with Ethan, who took these photos in Weston Park last week. I tried a pistachio-rose mocha for the first time and it was a bit sickly but pistachio and rose is a surprisingly delicious combination. There are so many fabulous independent coffee shops around Sheffield, but I got a Starbucks gift card for Christmas so I have been buying coffee from there a lot since then. At the end of last year the Starbucks I went to today had "PAY YOUR TAXES" graffitied onto it in bright green paint.

Talking of graffiti, Ethan and I got stopped today next to Sheffield's new Bowie tribute and asked our opinions on it. Before Bowie was painted, there was a Mick Jagger painting there, so I said, "At least now we know that Bowie has been on top of Jagger in some way." We went to a Bowie tribute night last Friday and the "Dancing in the Streets" video was played on loop all night.

Bowie and Jagger in the "Dancing in the Streets" video

I've been so tired this week as the days have been longer than my usual days at uni. This week is a group project week where we have to research the representation of humans and animals in museums. It's all quite draining and I don't feel like it's been that productive but at least my body clock is slowly returning to "normal." This semester I feel pressure to create something everyday but there is still so much to actually do that this isn't really a realistic goal.
I achieved a lot in January last year, but now a month of 2016 has gone by and I've had some amazing experiences but this year all I've really achieved is purchasing the vintage fur coat I'm wearing in this post and slowly starting to work on the next issue of my zine. My first piece as official Fashion Editor of the Sheffield Tab went up last week. I had exams and assessments in January so that probably explains why I didn't have the same new year optimism fuelling me as much as I did last year. Hopefully I will do more writing and creative things in February.

I love hanging out in the city and exploring new places. I've met so many people who share my passion for sampling as many coffee shops and art galleries as possible. I haven't done much over the past week- I've been to Graves' Gallery twice, been to a Bowie tribute night (which was one of the best nights I've had at uni), stressed about summer internship applications and wore too much black despite vowing to add more colour to my outfits. I've been keeping my journal up to date and I have some collages to post soon. I bought the Naomi Campbell and A$AP Rocky issue of Pop magazine yesterday and some of the shoots in it are absolutely stunning. 
I hope you all have a lovely week x

Monday, 25 January 2016

fall 2016 menswear part 1

I've been appreciating this season's menswear collections more than ever before. I think there's a lot more unexplored territory in menswear than there is in womenswear that gives it the potential to be much more interesting. The reaction to Jaden Smith for Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer 2016 campaign shows how the menswear industry is still trapped in a somewhat conservative cycle of clothes representing masculinity, which breaks down into the same tailored suits being churned out every season. However, so far this season we have seen more patterns, fur and glitter than before.


I don't know much about Beluti as a brand and I've never paid much attention to their collections before, but this collection really stood out for me. It had a touch of rock star style, attitude and an interesting colour palette.
Navy makes a refreshing change from black. It is difficult to pull off wearing head-to-toe of one colour but it works really well here, with the different fabrics against each other drawing attention to the quality of the tailoring.
Black and brown is another combination that it often difficult to pull off. The jacket weighs down the look, making it slim and sleek. It would be a perfect look for travelling in. You'd step off the plane looking like a rock star.

I love blue at the moment. It is quite a staple colour for most people but it can really make an outfit pop. I didn't realise how much I wanted a suede bomber until I saw the one in this collection. Paired with the leather trousers it looks very motorcyclist, but with the scarf underneath it has a west coast California James Dean vibe, which is never a bad thing. Ever.

The white jacket is my favourite thing about this look. My second favourite thing is the tattoo. All the models had fake tattoos towards the end of the collection, showing that fashion isn't just about the clothes we wear but anything aesthetic, our attitudes and how we present ourselves. Having the tattoos there makes you search out other more intricate details, such as the snake patterned patent shoes in the look on the right, which are amazing.

Dior Homme

I was largely underwhelmed by Dior Homme. A lot of the looks were very similar and unoriginal, though, of course, excellently tailored. The sunglasses on the left are funky and the necktie makes a change from an ordinary tie, whilst matching the silky texture of the shirt. Though the fingerless gloves and trainers make the look less cohesive, they add an edginess to what would otherwise be a largely classical Dior look. The black nail polish worn by the models throughout the collection also suggests a move in a more anti-establishment, non gender binary direction.

White may be a fairly standard colour, but have it on any item of clothing other than a plain t-shirt and it always stands out. The delicate white floral trousers are offset against the utility boots and leather jacket; a nod towards more traditional masculinity. Adding a relaxed jacket and boots over a carefully constructed outfit always makes it look effortlessly cool.

Alexander McQueen

Finally here's an outline for punks who love butterflies. This collection is very McQueen thematically in its dark romantic atmosphere. It is equally haunting and beautiful.

I love the detail on these two jackets. The shoes remind me of PE plimsolls, but if you were wearing such a beautifully, intricate jacket no one would notice the shoes anyway.

Thom Browne

Thom Browne is my favourite menswear designer. He can always be relied on to put together a collection to get excited about. We should have been wearing hats like this for a long time already anyway. The clothes look like they have a story to tell. 

The looks at the beginning of the collection contrast quite sharply with the looks towards the end. They go from scruffy school boy to something much more sophisticated and feminine. Admittedly, the white hats do look quite intimidating, perhaps the likeness to hockey masks/Jason from Friday 13th is a bit too much. I do love the coat on the left and the bag on the right though.


I really liked Burberry's collection. It was quite predictable and wearable, but that makes it all the more abundant with style inspiration. The rich jewel tones add a sophisticated look, with the fur bomber jacket being a real statement piece.

I think I have a bit of an obsession with jackets and coats at the moment. They can definitely make or break an outfit, as seen above. Even if you're dressed in sportswear, adding a patterned bomber or oversized fur coat makes it look so much better.

(Runway photos from Vogue runway. Other photos from Tumblr.)

What are your favourite menswear collections this season? Have a good week xxxx

Saturday, 23 January 2016

the whole city is your jewellery-box

Park Hill- by Ethan

My exams and coursework deadlines for the first semester of uni are over!!! I've decided to try harder to keep this blog updated this year. It feels like it's been forever since I last wrote on here. It's been nice to live without feeling any pressure to document everything in such a concrete, public way. Since I last posted I've moved to Sheffield for university, met loads of amazing people, been to lots of gigs, seen Patti Smith live twice, become the Fashion Editor for the Sheffield Tab,watched some amazing films, studied cinema and creative writing for the first time, picked up French again, explored Sheffield's art galleries and cafes and generally been busier than I have ever been in my life.
During the first semester I tried to dress in a lot of black and white to represent Being An Adult or whatever. In these photos I'm wearing a thrifted scarf, Topshop coat, M&S trousers and Topshop boots. I carried a beret round in my bag, which made me look like a French communist, but could only wear it inside because it was unbelievably windy day. I've kind of missed bright colours and statement pieces, especially since Bowie's death. When I went sale shopping this year I sought out primary colours, snakeskin boots and faux fur. Something I like most about the photo above are the primary colours. Despite the grey, monochromatic northern city stereotype, I think Sheffield's a very colourful place. Park Hill flats, where most of these photos were taken, are being renovated so that blocks of colour look out over the city. I associate Pulp with primary colours. Sheffield has the most green spaces in Europe.
I don't have any proper outfit photos yet, but once everyone has finished exams I will start photographing my outfits again. I've brought my dad's old film camera back up with me and I'm also hoping to start using that this semester.

Weston Park

Park Hill

Park Hill

Park Hill

These photos were taken at the end of last year when Ethan and I spent the day exploring the city. We had watched "Pulp: A Film About Life, Death and Supermarkets" the day before so went on a search for the places that feature in it. We walked to Park Hill, a huge estate behind the station, looking down on the city. It was originally built by brutalist architects as social housing in the 1960s. It's the largest listed building in Europe, and most of it is abandoned, making it a really eerie, haunting place to be. I've become a bit obsessed with it. If you're interested in that kind of thing, it's definitely worth researching.

Last night I went to a Fleetwood Mac themed night. It was packed with people wearing trilbies and shawls. I tried to dress as Stevie Nicks as possible, which is kind of the goal every time I get dressed. I bought this waistcoat the first time I visited Sheffield in March last year.
The only photos I have are crappy phone quality ones, but I'll add my favourite ones below. I went to Leadmill the first chance possible and fangirled over the Pulp plaque a bit too much. Whenever we go we try and do the most Jarvis Cocker poses possible in the photobooth. I went to a Peddler night market last month and it was really cute. I bought a copy of The Happy Reader with Grimes on the cover, then we got food and sat in deck chairs round the fire.

This post has been bit of a mishmash of things, but I need to start again somewhere. I'll be back with some classic #prettypassions Top Quality content soon xxxxxx

Thursday, 3 September 2015

marc jacobs fall 2015

Marc Jacobs' beautiful Fall 2015 show was reminiscent of a gothic fairytale, as models, headed by fashion industry veteran Erin O’Connor, stomped down the runway at a powerful pace to the disconcerting soundtrack from “Requiem for a Dream”, like killers stalking their victims. The look was sensual and enchanted, with a sinister undertone that the soundtrack and lighting forced the audience to acknowledge head on. Its jarring sound built a tense atmosphere, like the inhalation of breath that comes with someone confidently walking past, dressed in an elegant and sexy head to toe Marc Jacobs Fall 2015 ensemble. 

Queen Erin: Kicking the show off to a powerful start.

Welcome to the 60s: Jacobs was inspired by Diana Vreeland

Inspired by late US Vogue editor-in-chief Diana Vreeland, the collection was intimidating in the same glamorous way that the entrance of the Vreeland inspired magazine editor is in the 1957 Audrey Hepburn film, “Funny Face.” The feminine early 1960s-esque skirts also mirrored Vreeland's era, with the threatening yet aspirational tone reflective of the exclusivity and elitism of Vreeland's fashion industry.

A Gothic Fairytale: In the show the pink slashes across this coat shimmer like blood in the dark.

Darkness predominated; creating the impression of a funeral march. There are contrasting opinions on all black outfits- despised by Anna Wintour and reported to prove intelligence and sexiness by Dazed magazine- but it is inarguable that Jacobs skilfully worked with the colour to bring out the best in it, resulting in chic and elegant pieces that are far from dull and ordinary.

Power Suits: Industry veteran Erin O'Connor set the powerful tone of the collection, which came into fruition in this stand out pink suit worn by Aya Jones.

The collection closed with a cluster of delicate gowns, finally revealing a vulnerability behind the predatory former looks. The diaphanous dresses revealed more, were more personal. Perhaps they represented the other side of the powerful, fast-paced women draped in structured black garments. Overall, despite its vastness the looks were consistently beautiful throughout. It covered a spectrum of emotions; beneath the disturbing and the powerful was a sensuality and romance. Though dark, it was not one-dimensionally so. 

Friday, 28 August 2015

summer sunset

1, 2, 3. "We Followed the Sun" from Rookie  4. "If Looks Could Kill"- Cover Magazine Sept 2007 5. Prada Spring/Summer 2012 6. Drew Barrymore 7. "The Last Dance of the Disco" by Aaron Feaver 8. Salvation Mountain 9. Kate Moss 10. By Katie Silvester for Zeum Mag 11. By Hana Haley 12.  

I find the end of the summer weirdly inspiring. I usually find endings sad, but late August is a time where everything must be appreciated so much more. The beginning of the summer holds so much promise, but in anticipation it seems so endless that everyday there's still a tomorrow where you can do more and be more. Now everyday is finite and there's so much to do before the sun sets. I've been spending this week reading, working on my zine, writing and watching films I've been meaning to watch all summer. It's comforting to know that the pressure of having fun everyday just because the sun is shining will be lifted once autumn descends and it's time for long evenings lighting candles and listening to records. Still, I want to make the most of this time in the summer sunset. Have a good end of the summer x